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Welcome to My Nail Art Website

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ALLNAILART.COM has born to guide in your search to find the perfect nail art design, matching your style. My mission is to share with you my skills, designs, and experience in this art form. And to keep you up to date with the latest trends and products on the nail art industry.

You will learn everything about nail care and the reasons why they are considered a piece of art.

brush stroke design
Brushstroke Designs

If you are interested in becoming a professional nail art specialist, I will teach you new and updated information on many topics, all my manicure and pedicure secrets so that you can create unique nail art with beautiful designs.

blue nail art design Watercolor effect designs
Watercolor effect design. Instagram: @daniartnails

From year to year, the designs and the latest trends in colours and styles are changing in accordance with the trends set by the United States. Then it begins to reach all parts of the world, making those beautiful designs you see on Instagram and other social media go viral. Don’t miss a single bit of this journey, I promise you’ll enjoy it!

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About Me

I specialize in Nail Art, nail technology and nail care, my name is Daniela, and my intention is to walk you trough the world of nail art, sharing detailed information, From the basics to the most complex designs And best of all, make sure your natural nails won’t get damaged.

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Instagram: @daniartnails

It is normal to feel insecure, I have experienced it too, and I understand that you are wondering which way to go. I am also aware that much of the information you find is very complicated and often very boring. But I will make it simple for you.

Goodbye to Boredom…

Daniela Fernandez
Instagram: @daniartnails

You will learn and have fun here! Researching and trying to do different and fun things is my specialty, for me it’s not only about experimenting with styles and different techniques that are killing, I also create them, making sure your hands look exactly the way you want them to be.

Ready? Here we go!

nail art super heroe

Since you decided to join the adventure, here is a recap of what you’ll be able to learn:

The Origin and History of Nail Art

This will be the first thing you will see; of course! we are not the first nail art lovers, this has history.

nail art history

Archaeological studies reveal that the Egyptians were among the first to practice beauty, although it is said that since the Ice Age natural elements were already used to give color to hair, skin, and nails.

All About Nail Art

A brief overview

  • Hygiene and care
  • Types of nail art
  • The Different Techniques that Exist
  • The Benefits of Each Type of Manicure and Pedicure
  • Acrylic Nail Technique and Applications
  • Different Nail Shapes
  • Gel Nails and Their Benefits
  • Creative Touch
  • Various Designs (Trends)
  • The Best Products on the Market
  • The Best Tools (The Best Drills)
  • Best Nail Supply Stores

These and other topics will be discussed. I hope you enjoy it.

different nail designs

What is Nail Art?

When we talk about nail art, we should know that it covers a wide range, such as: nail art with gel, regular nail polish, poly gel, dip powder, acrylic nails, sculpted nails, porcelain, among others.

what is nail art
Instagram: @daniartnails

There are endless designs and styles that can be applied to each of these. In the example above, we can see a transparent acrylic nail design and a beautiful paper decoration.

In a few words, nail art is a beautiful way to bring joy to any basic color you choose and the final touch to your manicure and style.

stilleto shape

Nowadays there are many nail art forms you can choose from to work with, so you don’t have to worry about what your skill level or artistic preference is.

Don’t panic, I’ll tell you what tools you need to create endless design variations. And which ones are right for each design technique.

nail designs

What is a Manicure and Pedicure?

A manicure and pedicure are beauty treatments, which clean, shape, give vitality and shine to your nails.

Nail designs

These procedures remove the cuticles and impurities that form around them, providing moisturization and smoothing the skin of the cuticles and hands.

Typically, manicures and pedicures can range from the simplest manicure to one with scrubs, steam, cream treatments and massages. Also, natural nail polish, gel polish, dip powder, acrylic nails or others.

Hygiene & Nail Care

In order to do a manicure and pedicure, one of the things to keep in mind is that you need a minimum of three good quality stainless steel sets to have a clean and sanitized one always available for each client.

cleaning manicure tools

Remember that it takes approximately 20 minutes to properly clean and disinfect the tools after each use.

Types of Sculpted Nails

Gel Nails

Gel Nails are a more advanced and modern technology compared to acrylic, but it does not replace it. Gels are oligomers, which means that they are neither liquid nor solid. Gels are a type of gel that only cures under UV or LED light.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are formed by the union of two products called liquid monomer and the polymer powder. With the union of these two products, wet pearls are created which then form the acrylic nail with the help of a brush. >>>Learn More Here<<<

Porcelain Nails

These look like acrylic but are made from fiberglass. The difference between porcelain nails and other nails is the way they are made.

Different Nail Shapes

Find the nail shape that fits your style, attitude and way of life. Have you ever wanted to know the right shape for you?

Different Nail Shapes

Different Nail Art Design Techniques

Getting the perfect look is simple and fun.

There are many design techniques, such as. Freehand design with different colors, 3D designs that are so fashionable, permanent designs with acrylic, encapsulated sets, watercolor gel effect and all you can think of.

Best Tools for Nail Art Design


There are many tools and accessories available for nail art, brushes of different thickness and lengths, with which you can achieve many styles & designs, in addition to many other tools available. If you want to know what they are and how you can use them, just have a look <Here>.

5 Essential Tools for Nail Art Design

These are some of the tools you will need to start building your nail art kit.

  • Fine brushes for decoration
  • Stitch punch for nails
  • Pattern plates for stamping
  • Orange sticks or steel sticks with a fine point
  • Cotton swabs or (flat brush) for cleaning up paint excess

Among many others…

How to Achieve the Desired Nail Art Style

Today, creating nail art is easier than ever. I can assure you that when I started there were not even half of all the materials and tools that we can enjoy today.

desired nail art styles
Instagram: @daniartnails

I suggest you take a piece of paper, a pencil and two brushes… What!? What do I need a paper for?

nail art templates

Simple, if you don’t have these practice templates for designs. Use the pencil to make lines on the paper, the ones you want, get creative, you can even look at any drawing you have at hand, try to make a replica as small as you can and then give it color with the brushes, this is a great way to exercise your lines and improve your designs.

You can always use nail tips if you prefer or if you feel you are at a more advanced level.

nail art molds

I can tell you that with a little imagination and a lot of practice you can create thousands of miniature works of art in minutes. You’ll remember me.

Nail art is a huge world and there is no lack of decoration techniques, colors are combined as you desire, different shapes of nails and length as you prefer, and to be fashionable, the rhinestones, decals and materials such as multicolored glitter.

flower design

Painting by hand is a beautiful art style and you don’t need to do so much to make it look beautiful, you just have to exercise your strokes, but you will be able to create from the most subtle flower to the most daring one and only with a brush.

nail art brush

You can choose from drawings, designs, patterns, or pastel glazes if you like simplicity, we also use fluorescent or gloss glazes, in other words whatever you want to wear.

encapsulated nail art
Instagram: @daniartnails

We all like compliments, don’t we? It definitely increases your confidence.

purple nail art design
Instagram: @daniartnails

I promise you, the people you meet every day take note of your nail set. They learn from the designs, colors and techniques, you will be an example to follow! Acrylic nails and gel nails are a fun hobby, along with an investment for your personal look.

Daniela Nail Art Technician
Instagram: @daniartnails

HEY! Still around?

It means that you would like to learn more about nail art. Stay tune and follow my blog for the lates trends, designs , tools, techniques, and more.

How to do Nail Art at Home?

These are 6 easy tutorials on how to do nail art at home. Just follow the instructions and you will be able to do these beautiful designs in not time. Just click on the image or here to learn: >>=>>> How to do Nail Art at Home?

Nail art at home

Images of Simple and Beautiful Nail Art 2020

Here are some images of some of trendiest designs on this 2020

nail design 2019 2020
Instagram: @daniartnails
simple nail art
nail art 2019
french nail art
stiletto nail art
instagram nail art
Instagram: @daniartnails
nail art instagram
Instagram: @daniartnails