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2019 Nail Art Designs and Ideas You Will Love

2019 Nail Art, nail art 2019, Blue Nail Design

The year is already in full swing, and there are people who are already showing their creativity with 2019 nail art and design trends. Here, we take a look at some of the most creative and ingenious ways to style your nails in 2019.

Accent Nails

This trend here is exclusively for people who love to have fun with their nails. The trend is incredibly easy to pull off, and you can easily let your imaginations lead you.

Press-On Textures

Press-On Textures

You will most likely need to get some additional assistance when pulling this one off, but you’ll find that it’s definitely worth it. It comes in layers and the aesthetic is simply awesome

French Nudes Nail Art

French Nudes Nail Art

There are no colors here whatsoever. All you get are just your nails doing the work and getting the kind of attention that they deserve no wonder it’s among the trending nail art designs of 2019

Artsy Paint Strokes Nail Art

Artsy Paint Strokes Nail Art

There are certain times when the best nail designs are simply strokes of the paint brush. Any color that lands anywhere, that’s it.

Gold Foil Nails Art

Gold Foil Nails Art

The combination of blue aqua nails and a gold hue is actually awesome. It’s just a shame that not many people have been able to understand that. 

Still, it’s not too late. Check this one out to see how it works for you

Nature-yellow Nails

Nature-yellow Nails

If you’re the type of person who loves the natural world and all of its beauty, then you can definitely get down
with this nail design art trend right here. You might need to look out for some nail stickers as well, but this trend definitely makes things interesting.

The Spring Manicure

The Spring Manicure art 2019

These days, the best nail design art tends are being selected from various elements. This one is no different, as it combines easy implementation and aesthetic appeal. Just be able to work with curves, and select two lovely shades to go with each them and you’re done.

Black Winter Watercolor Nails

Black Matte Nail Art

To be honest, you might not be able to effectively implement this nail design art trend because of its dependence on artistic ingenuity. Still, if you are able to pull it off, you’ll definitely be the talk of wherever you step into.

The Minimalist Dotted Mani

blue Nail art 2019

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to say too much to make a point, then you’ll definitely fall in love with this beauty right here. While it is very simple, the 2019 nail art trend comes with a specific type of appeal that you just can’t beat. You can easily add colors to create something stunning with this one.

The Classic Black and White Nails

Nail art 2019

While this trend is incredibly minimalist and will end up covering just a little portion of your nails, this definitely remains one of the most incredible acrylic nail design art trends of 2019 out there. It harnesses the beauty of the most natural colors, and it helps you to showcase your naturally stunning nails.

Jeweled and Studded Nail Art

Purple, stones, nail art 2019

This here is another nail design art trend that can be a tad more difficult to implement. Still, there is no doubt that implementing it will make your nails pop beautifully. With various elements that makes up the art, the level of creativity is amazing

Black, Negative Nails

Black nail design ideas 2019

Of course, there is no doubt to the fact that negative nails are becoming the biggest trend at this point. These black nails look amazing, and there is hardly any difficulty that you’ll experience when pulling them off. It comes in various designs as the one above. They are very creative and unique at the same time

Line Nails Art 2019

Red, nails, art 2019

The best part about this particular 2019 nail art design art trend, apart from its incredible simplicity, is the fact that it also helps you to make more of a statement with as little embellishment as possible. It makes you feel comfortable and confident wherever you go

Grid Back and White Nail Art

Grid Back and White 2019

Of course, this is practically the same as having black and white nails. However, the introduction of the grid design makes things even more interesting. You can style your grids in many ways, and it is truly awesome what you can do with this.

Cross-Stacked Coffin Nails

Creative nails art

In the world of difficult nail design art trends, the truth is that there is hardly ever any kind of trend that is as difficult as this one. It plays on the ability of the painter to mix colors, so you need to remember that the color mixing plays a big part of its allure

Dry Brush Bails with Gilded Nails

Nail 2019, designs

The design is a little but random, but you’ll find that the combination works for various nail types. Gold is admittedly the best color for this type of design, but you can always be imaginative and try new hues.

The Heart Nail Art Idea

Nail art 2019

What’s there to say about this one?

If you’re feeling “drunk in love,” then this is simply the go-to choice. Imagine you going for a date and then make this fix, you sure are going to have an awesome time. The creative 2019 nail art is not just unique but also depicts your emotions

Pink Chrome Nails

Pink Chrome Nails  2019

The chrome nail design art trend is one that plays on color boldness and strength, pink is a bright color, and this makes it perfect to go with the nail design at trend. You really need to try this on.

Fiery Crimson Nail Art

Nail art 2019

For those days when you feel like taking your immediate environment by storm and instilling fear in basically everyone who steps across your path, you can rest assured that this trend will be there to accentuate your appearance.

Nail Art 2019 Ideas and Trends