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21 Most Stunning French Ombré Nail Designs

French ombré nails have risen to prominence in the past few years, due to their ability to combine various nail design art trends. To wit, we take a look to some of the most alluring French ombré nails you can implement into your look right now:

Sparkly French Ombré Nails

Sparkly French Ombré Nails

This here is an ombré look that comes with a bit of a bling. The nails are French ombré, but they also come with a little bit of a sparkle, as well as the presence of gems. If you’ve got a special event that you want to steal headlines in, then this is something you can wear.

Ombré and Some Pink Glliter

Ombré Pink Glliter

This nail design trend is a bit similar to the one above, only that it incorporates the beauty that is pink into the nail design. The nails in this set have ombré designs with three distinctive blends. You can achieve a beautiful glittery look, while also throwing in some awesome text on the nails with stickers.

French Ombré Coffin Nails

Ombré Coffin Nails

If you thought the coffin nail design art trend was stunning, then wait till you see how it looks when paired with French ombré designs. Give your nails a nice, sparkly and elegant twist that will definitely make them unique!

A Simple French Ombré Manicure

French Ombré Manicure

If you’re more of a fan of subtle nails, then you will absolutely adore this pick right here. The nails are naturally soft, with a little bit of glitter to make them pop. It’s beauty in its simplicity!

Custom Pink French Ombré Nails

Pink French Ombré Nails

Put a little bit of color to our nails, and what says “Beautiful manicure set” like a touch of pink?

A simple pink accent turns these French ombré nails into absolute show stoppers! If you’re feeling eve more regal, add in a few gems as well.

French Ombré Glitter Accents


Glitter accents have always been a welcome addition to any nail design art trend whatsoever. 

Why can’t they make this one look stunning as well?

Although the nails do look stunning on their own, you can just as well throw in a bit of glitter if you’re a fan of that extra sparkle.

Stiletto French Ombré Nails

black stiletto nails
artist: @tonysnail

These might seem a little bit over the top but there is no doubt that the right it will have them accentuate any kind of ensemble beautifully. With this trend, you get stiletto nails, where there is a distinct design on each of them.

Chrome and French Ombré Nails

Chrome French Ombré Nails

This manicure throws a little bit of a spin on the chrome nail design art trend, and it features a lovely set of French ombré nails to boot. The nails are French chrome, with an option to throw a bit of glitter there for the ever-welcome sparkle.

Gold Ombré Glitter Accents

Gold Ombré Glitter

We’re all aware that gold is the color of royalty. Simply out, if you’re looking to go for an event and you want to ooze that royal regalia, then your nails can add to your effect with this nail design trend. You can recreate this design trend with any glitter color as well, in case you’re not too comfortable with the loudness of gold.

Statement French Ombré Coffin Nails


We’ve pretty much explored the fact that French ombré nails work beautifully with gems and glitter, as well as with other colors. With this piece, you combine the ombré blend with gems and a stunning peach hue. You definitely can’t go wrong with it.

Rhinestones and French Ombré Nails

orange nail art, baby boomers

This cute design comes with rhinestones because… well, why not? Rhinestones make every single thing look prettier! You can combine gems of different sizes for this and achieve an awesome look regardless.

Chic Nude Nails


The chic French ombré look is simple, yet incredibly alluring. They come with a custom square shape, as well as a light ombré blend. If you’re a fan of the classic French look but you’re not married to the old stuff, this is what you should rock.

Adding Glitter and Gems

ombre pink Glitter and Gems

You can give your ombré nails a little bit of a switch up by throwing in glitter and gems; we know this.

This lovely nail art trend implements glitter nails with the ombré design, producing a recreated look that you can always implement easily.

Rose Gold Chrome Ombré Nails

French Ombré Nails

Combine two lovely accentuates; chrome nails and the gold color.

The ombre nails and the gold color have always been awesome complements for each other and it’s pretty much obvious here. Rose gold provides an elegant look, and you can always achieve a glam set of nails any day.

Gold Glitter French Ombré Nail

Gold glitter ombre nails

Usually, the recommendations for throwing in glitter is to stay moderate. However, that isn’t to say that you’re not safe when you go over the top.

If you’re a fan of the glitter and you have no interest in keeping things simple, then you can try this look and see how well it works for you.

French Stiletto Pairs

French Ombré Nails
Artist: @margaritasnails

If you’re in the market for incredibly glam nails that will definitely blow the crowd away at any gathering, then you really should check out this set of nails right here. They look awesome, and you can always recreate them with your own art choice.

French Ombré Short Nails

almond nails

Apparently, French ombré nails works for both long and short clips as well. This is conclusive proof that you can have shirt nails and still rock the French ombré nail design art trend.

Coffin Ombré Nails

Coffin French Ombré Nails

This nail design art trend is just as stunning as it glitters. It comes with gems and a little sparkle, and it has the ability to change the way your nails look completely. You really ought to give it a try.

Ombré Accent Nails


It’s no secret that manicures can be completely changed with the help of gems and glitter. However, this trend features pearls, and it is just as beautiful as you can imagine. The nails show just how awesome pearls can look, and it’s something that you can definitely get in on.

Ombré Nails with Flower Accent Nails

Ombré Flower Accent Nails

We definitely can’t do but pay homage to the flower lovers!

A simple nude design can serve as a backdrop, while you let your artistic skills take over and incorporate the floral art design.

French Spray on Blue, with Art

Spray on Blue nail

Another piece for the art lovers. To pull this off, you can just as well get a dark-colored backdrop to help improve the visibility of your elaborate nail art.