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My Nail Art Journey

From a young age, I felt a passion for nail art. Whenever I met someone new, I immediately looked at their hands, seeing how they had done their nails, storing away the memory for myself. I have developed a unique style for my own nail art, but it was only after I turned 15 that I started working on others’ nails. My family members supported my passion, to the point that even my grandfather would let me work with his hands lol. He saw how doing nails made me smile, how I enjoyed expressing myself creatively, and he encouraged me every step of the way.

Working on Acrylic Nails

Born in Cuba, I knew that my opportunities as a nail artist were limited in the country. Resources and materials were both hard to come by, but I refused to let any of that discourage me from my dreams. I felt confident that if I kept working toward my goals, I could overcome even the harshest surroundings. Even though there were never more than fifteen colors available to me in Cuba, I still did my friends’ nails better than anyone around. When I graduated from school in 2009, I decided to follow my passion as a career.

My aunt, who lived in Miami at the time, had much greater access to materials than I did, so I asked her for her help. Five years later, I had moved to Miami, where I still live today, pursuing nail art day after day, all the challenges of my past just endless motivation to continue to apply myself and think about nails in terms of innovation. What can I do that is fresh and new? What can I do that is unique? These are the questions that I am constantly asking myself as a nail artist.

At All Nail Art, I share all my knowledge, expertise, and experience on nail art, featuring nail designs, acrylic nail information, nail shapes, French nails, and gel nails. This is a compendium of nail art advice and guidance, everything that I wanted to know when I was fifteen and went on to learn little by little. If you are like me and you notice people’s nails before you notice anything else, then All Nail Art is just the resource for you. Keep up with all my latest blog posts – and follow along with me on my exciting nail art journey here in South Florida!

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