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Acrylic Nail Shapes

The latest acrylic nail shapes and their different types can be found here. You’ll learn about each technique and how to get the shape that adapts to your style, attitude and way of life. Would you like to know the proper shape for you? 

Come on, let’s start!


Pictures of acrylic nail shapes

How Can I Preserve Them?

Working on Acrylic Nail Shapes 2019
Nail Technician Working on Nails

After a flawless manicure, It is time for the hardest part after leaving the beauty salon: keep the acrylic nails shape untouched as long as possible.

Obviously, this will depend of the nail’s shape. For example, oval, round, square and almond nails tend to be easier to maintain. Now if you are much more daring and audacious and opt for coffin or stiletto nails, you may have to try a little harder.

But don’t panic, it’s not an impossible mission either. No, you don’t have to hire a 24/7 manicurist, nor should you wrap your hands to prevent them from touching any surface. You don’t have to take extreme measures, just pay attention to details and be diligent.

Maintain the shape of your acrylic nails

How Can I Maintain My Acrylic Nails' Shape?

To preserve the shape of acrylic nails is not a particularly complicated task, however it does require certain skills that you will improve with practice and time.

Another detail you should take into consideration is that this each technique will differ according to the nail shape. This means you can’t apply the same treatment to an almond, oval or round nail as to a square or stiletto and coffin nail.

In other words, you will follow some particular advice, depending on how the manicurist or technician gave it at the beginning:

  • Round. This is probably the easiest way to maintain. If you want some low maintenance but still want your nails to look good, this is probably the way for you. All you have to do is make sure that they follow the natural curving of the fingertips and take care of any imperfections.
  • Oval. They are also considered as one of the oldest traditional shapes and, in order to preserve them the longest, you must make sure that it remains similar to the shape of an egg, so that your fingers look longer.
  • Square. This is probably one of the most popular acrylic nail shapes and the good news is that the risk of breakage is much lower compared to other shapes; you should focus on following the natural width of the nails and clean the edges if any roughness.
  • Almond. This is very similar to the oval shape, except that it is a little more pointy at the top. Therefore, to maintain the shape, the basic thing is the width at the base and the thinness along the sides. Always check the central point at the tip of the nail and have both sides make a peak at the central point.
  • Stiletto. While they’re not very common, outside of celebrities, someday you may use these nails and when that happens, all you have to do to maintain the shape is check that the central point is preserved and the edges maintain that rounded shape. Be careful as these nail shapes break easily.
  • Coffin. This is a more subtle version of the stiletto shape and follows the same shaping technique, therefore, for its maintenance you must follow a similar procedure, make sure that the central point and edges have no imperfection that makes them look irregular. Also remember that the tips must be straight to resemble a dancer’s shoe.

Acrylic nail tips and tools to preserve the shape

Tips and Tools to preserve your nails shapes

It’s not just about the technique. While it’s certainly important, it’s also essential that you have everything you need to preserve your acrylic nails in shape.

For starters, you’ll need a good nail file from a well-known quality brand. You will also need in your emergency kit a nail polishing block, also known as buffer.

But it’s not about having these tools and using them without any knowledge. That’s why it’s recommended that when you’re with the technician or manicurist, ask for some additional advice, which will allow your nails to stay perfect for longer.

It is also important for you to be careful when placing your nails, so that you can be sure that it is a quality job.

Finding an experienced nail specialist is the key to durable, real looking acrylic nails. You have to make sure that the manicurist is able to create a strong base and also takes all the time necessary to assemble them, ensuring the least amount of damage and breakage in the future.

Another important piece of information to remember is to think carefully about the shape you want to give your nails before thinking about putting them. Why? you are going to need nails that require more or less maintenance, depending on your lifestyle, your work-related activities, how diligent you are or what you do.

General tips for acrylic nails

All information is essential. We must have all necessary knowledge at hand to maintain the different shapes of our acrylic nails.

As our main objective is to prevent them from breaking, deforming, peeling or lifting, ruining the nail polish or any other inconvenience, it’s a useful decision to keep in mind some important details:

  • Clean them regularly yet do not overuse. Always use antibacterial soap to wash your acrylic nails. This will reduce the risk of infection. You can also clean under your nails using a Q-tip dipped in alcohol to prevent bacteria.
  • Use vitamin E once a week. Vitamin E is amazing for your nails and should be applied to your fingers at least once a week. It provides a good base for your acrylic nails and keeps them naturally healthy.
  • Don’t mend your acrylics yourself if the problem is major. i know you’re up to many things, but sometimes it’s better to rely on specialists; if it’s a serious injury it’s best to call your manicurist for an emergency appointment.
  • Keep the skin surrounding the nails healthy. It is essential that the skin around your nails is always healthy. Look for redness or dryness around the acrylics, as this may indicate an infection and you will need to remove them to address the situation as soon as possible.
  • Avoid behaviors such as nail biting. While it is very difficult to stop these behaviors and stop playing with acrylics, please understand that this can lead to unnecessary damage and lifts or impact the shape. If you have dry cuticles, apply cuticle oil daily to reduce the desire to touch the skin. If you don’t know which is safe, ask your nail technician for a recommendation.

Although a few lines ago i told you that it’s better safe than sorry and that if you have suffered serious damage to your acrylics, it’s better to go to the manicurist, it’s also worthwhile suggesting that if it’s a minor situation, such as they’re inconsistent or something has affected their shape, you can do something about it.

As a general rule, what is recommended to preserve the shape of your acrylic nails and to make them remain beautiful for a long time, is to follow the instructions of basic care, make use of files or blocks when necessary, follow the visits every two weeks to the salon with a qualified technician. In other words, appropriate care practices and love can help a lot.