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Round Acrylic Nails

Traditional, beautiful, delicate. Round Acrylic Nails emulate that natural nail style that never gets old.

fashionable round acrylic nails

A survey carried out in different beauty salons, as surprising as the preference may seem, round acrylic nails are still the trend, especially among women looking for a relaxed, beautiful and comfortable style.

platinum round acrylic nails

An interesting fact is that the round shape is very popular not only because of a design thing, but because many customers ask for them with a very specific purpose: to lengthen the fingers and make the hands look thinner.

Pink Nails Designs

A round acrylic nail will do magic and completely transform your hands, making them look prettier and stylish.

Green Round Acrylic Nails

Things You Didn’t Know About Round Acrylic Nails

green women nails

As for the classic round nails, I can also tell you that they work best with short lengths. And although they are certainly very similar to oval nails, especially when they are a bit longer, they are actually a little rounder. You can understand this better in the following image.

Differences Between Round and Oval Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nails Infografic Round Vs Oval Nails
Round and Oval Nails: Differences

I bet you didn’t know I could tell so much about this nail shape, as a plus I’m telling you that one of its many advantages is that it probably stands out among those that are less likely to break.

Blue Nail Designs

Round nails are perfect for extremely busy women who have thousands of daily activities and may not have enough time to think about what to do with their hands.

Grey Fashion NAils

Another useful tip is that shorter ones are particularly stronger and durable. So they’re worth considering.

Red and White Nails

For the simplest appearance. To look more natural. For much easier maintenance. Perfect in the most relaxed styles. Suitable for everyday use. Round acrylic nails remain because they offer us endless advantages.

Round Acrylic Nails Design

How to make round designs?

This Youtube video shows you how to shape round nails.