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Square Acrylic Nails

Just like round nails, square acrylic nails are classified as classic. Many women prefer them because they are comfortable, but at the same time beautiful and delicate, which makes them perfect for any occasion.

Square acrylic nails, natural, gilded and decorated
Natural, Gilded and Decorated

These are nails that copy the shape of this geometric figure, being flat with equal right edges and right angles. And they are achieved when they are cut perpendicularly at the sides.

how to make square nails
How to make acrylic square nails

Completely perfect for classic French manicure but allows for other designs. It’s a bold and creates solid sides. It looks best on nails that are short, narrow and with long, thin fingers.

Natural Acrylic Short Square Nails 2019
Natural Acrylic Short Square Nails

They are fairly easy to maintain and will be a good choice for those who don’t go to the salon often. They look simple but fashionable and also make nails stronger, so they won’t break easily.

Brazilian square Acrylic nails design decorated with stones
Brazilian Nails Design Decorated with Stones

Square Acrylic Nails Types

Types of Square Acrylic Nails 2019

Within the square nails we also find other categories. Some of them are:

  • Oval rectangular. This shape is the same as the square, but the edges are much smoother. You can see them as a good compromise between square and oval, perfect for keeping nails shorter.
acrylic nails square rectangular oval 2019
Oval red rectangular acrylic nails
Oval red rectangular acrylic nails
  • The oval square. They are somewhere between the square and the oval, although they actually are more oval and can be shaped by rounding the square corners.
Oval rectangular nails
Oval rectangular blue nails 2019
Oval rectangular square acrylic nails

if you want to, you may choose one of these styles to suit you.

Oval rectangular nails women 2019

Square acrylic nails shape have a line prone to be compliant enough for any hand size and the best news is that they are perfect for enhancing classic femininity. In addition, many people with acrylic nails feel that it is more natural.

Oval rectangular nails flower design

I love square nails!!!
It is a pleasure to wear your nails like this all month, even if you have a hard job with your hands !!!.

Get the most out of your hands and nails !!!