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History of Acrylic Nails

It may seem bizarre that we’re giving a summary about the history of acrylic nails. “How interesting can it be” you may think, but believe me, you’ll be surprised.

reading the history of nail art

Did you know it was a dentist, out of all the people in the world, who came up with the acrylic nails?

Acrylic Nails History

However, we must start from the beginning before we get to that part of the story. Believe it or not, the look of the nails has always been very important in many cultures.

Acrylic Nails Egip

Myrrh oil was used in Ethiopia for nail care. Egypt, on the other hand, used henna to give them color and pharaohs reinforced them with papyrus paper.

In ancient Greece it was a sign of power and wealth to carry long nails and decorate them with gold leaf or miniature paintings, very similar to modern nail art.

China invented the first enamels as well as the first artificial nails, given that at the time of the Ming dynasty nails were decorated with gold or silver cones, a practice that has been maintained over time.

Acrylic Nails China

The so-called modern manicure comes from France, around 1930, when King Luis Felipe got one of those annoying hangnails that we hate. As a result, the king’s doctor invented a manicure kit, which his niece would later popularize.

By the 19th century these metallic instruments became common in the United States and by that time it was normal to use creams and powders on the nails. In the twentieth century the enamels begin to improve, and with it begins the era of the 50, characterized by long and red nails.

1950s Acrylic Nails

As there have always been women who do not grow nails (did I hear some say “me”?!), extension in the 1950s was possible by cutting natural nails, gluing them to the tip and covering them with paper.

Acrylic Nails 1950s

The advent of the 60s brings the discovery of materials for false nails, including fiber, silk and porcelain.

Fake Nails in the 70’s

Acrylic Nails 1960s History
Fake Nails in the 70’s

This is where our dear dentist friend comes in. On a nice day, Dr. Frederick Slack gets his nail surface cracked and decides to fix it with whatever he had at hand to continue his workday.

Acrylic Nails Polimero

He had dental photopolymer at hand, also known as porcelain. The rest is history!

Acrylic Nails fred

Shortly, dentists saw a great business opportunity and began selling this material to the manicurists at the time, giving life to the breathtaking sculpted nails.

Golden Acrylic nails with jewllery

Over the years, countless techniques have been developed, different materials have been experimented with, and the available technology keeps reshaping the industry.

Acrylic NAils History Evolution

“You never know what tomorrow may bring” right? Who knew we’d thank a dentist for sculpted acrylic nails!

Dentist Invention Acrylic Nails

The porcelain nail boom was so big that it went from being a North American product to a worldwide one.

Acrylic nails world
French Acrylic Nails

The world-wide female demand is what has sustained the industry and given rise to so many technologies and techniques.

Acrylic Nails Designs: Be trendy with these 2019 models

Manicure Technician
Manicure Technician

Nowadays, keeping our natural nails healthy is a priority and this is something that the American market has taken very seriously. Therefore high quality materials are used, many of them natural and organic, which guarantee us the least harm when using these incredible nails for any purpose.

Acrylic NAils Different Moments-2019
Luxury Acrylic Nails