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Almond Nails Design that Will Make You Love Your Nails

white almond nails

Almond nails are all the rage right now, as they bring a subtle twist to an otherwise crowded catalogue of nail designs.

If you are looking for the perfect means of rocking them, then any of these almond nail art designs will work for you:

Cutting Them Short

The almond shaped nails are usually spotted on longer nail and women who are more of a preference for longer entrails. However if you think that they don’t also work for shorter nails, then you will definitely be badly mistaken. They work just as well, and they are able to provide that classy and simple look that a lot of women seem to crave.

So, if you have claws that end just a little bit beyond the edges of your fingertips, then you should definitely give these lovely nails a try.

Pretty in White

white nails

Another way through which you can provide a sophisticated and glamorous appearance for your almond nails is to have them doused in some white polish. They work like clockwork together

However, you should also make sure that you choose more of a matte finish and a minimalist design. This way, you will be able to get more of a modern version of a highly classy look.

Almond Shape Nails

If you are a fan of long and strong almond shape nails but you have a little challenge with developing and nurturing them yourself without breaking off every now and then, one of the most significant solutions that you should consider is having acrylic almond shaped nails. Apart from providing a lovely aesthetic, these nails will also provide a nice base on which you can also try out some other beautiful new nail designs.

Sparkles Almond Nails Design

For some people, a color like pink can look completely awful. For others, it looks incredibly gorgeous!

The truth with nails and colors is that they look good- or otherwise- on you, depending largely on the tone of your skin. If you think that you can pull off a sparkly color like red or dark pink, then this look is something that you should definitely try. To spice your nails up and give them a beautiful twist, all you have to do is get a sparkle version of the color on your ring fingers.

Tribal Almond Nails

Tribal designs are definitely one of the in-things when it comes to nails. It will be quite difficult for you to step into any fashion retail store without seeing various types of items with tribal designs on them.

So, why not let your nails show a little tribal fun as well?

One of the most amazing things about the tribal design is that there are actually a lot of options from which you can make your choice. While you can easily go with the option above, you can also find a lot of other sources of inspiration to get your tribal spirit in.

However, you should also be careful when it comes to the tribal design. If you’re the artsy kind of person, then feel free to give the design a stab. However, if you’re unable to design the actual thing on your own, then you might be better served by a professional. Also, if you choose to go with the second option, then it is always recommended that you take a picture of your preferred design in order to help them out.

The Nude Wonder

Nails by @paulinawalaszczyk

If you are the kind of lady who loves minimalism and will like to keep a low profile, then you can simply put a nude polish on your almond nails and you’re basically ready to go. Whether for a day at work or a nice social gathering, this look works wonders.

The Classic Long

There is absolutely no way you can mention almond nail trends without giving a nod to the most classic look of them all. Anyone with long nails will find that an almond shape with her nails is definitely a perfect option. Apart from providing a ladylike look, it also helps to elongate the fingers and provide a better aesthetic appeal.

Throwing in some Sparkles

If you will like to make your almond shaped nails a little more eye catching, then feel free to throw in an exciting dimensional element. You can achieve tis with glitter, materials like crystals, studs and rhinestones.

Accent Almond Nails

You honestly don’t need to be a professional nail designer to provide a modern and beautiful twist to your almond nails. All you need is an accent or two, and you’ll be able to give your painted nails a lovely and fashionable side.