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Christmas Nail Designs – Popular Trends this Season

Christmas Nails- Popular Trends this Season

In case you don’t have an idea, Christmas is upon us 

The snow is starting to drop, the air is already nippy, and it’s already time for those cliché carol songs. 

You see, ‘tis the season all over again. 

It is time for you to begin looking through your wardrobe for that banging Christmas party. However, while your clothes are definitely going to be getting a lot of attention, an ensemble is never really complete without the perfect set of nails. To wit, let’s see which nail trends will be making the rounds this year.

Mother of Pearls 

Mother of Pearls, Christmas Nails, Christmas Nail Designs

Christmas is one holiday where the conventions and traditions play a significant role, so why not just opt for something that will please the old timers by opting for lovely pearls that will help you grace the occasion properly? 

If you will like some over the-top elegance conservative extravagance, then this beautiful pearl manicure is something that you definitely want to try out. Extremely fun but still highly elegant, there is no way you won’t turn heads with this textured art nail trend. It is the perfect way to strike a balance between a daring move and loyalty to the classics, and it is compatible with basically any kind of outfit and any kind of occasion.

Winter Sparkle

Winter Sparkle, Christmas Nails, Christmas Nail Designs

So you don’t like the look of a classic red French manicure. 

Well, that’s fine, because this beauty from Park Eunkyung (a nail artist) will definitely do justice to the craving you’re having. 

The sparkly manicure takes the look of the transparent ail trend and raises the bar a little bit higher, so much so that there’s nothing else you can do but fall in love with it. The crystal encrusted mani is completely appropriate for the Christmas time, and this is definitely something that you need to get in on if you’re looking for a way to get your shine on during the holidays. 


Opulence, Christmas Nails, Christmas Nail Designs

If there’s ever a season where metallic are the go-to colors, then it would have to be Christmas. The combination of cheer and the winter season is usually encapsulated best with prosaic copper and crimson hues and a little addition of pink. You can go for a more glossy finish if you like and while you’re getting that done, feel free to throw in some fancy nail polish like the Chanel Le Vernis

Opulence, which is the elegant and stylish shade #917, will give you the kind of edgy feminism that is second to none. Whatever the outfit, you can easily add this beauty and have yourself the perfect outfit for that Christmas bash.

Wrapped in Silver

Wrapped in Silver, Christmas Nails, Christmas Nail Designs

Don’t like the excessive gold? Well, that’s fine as well, because champagne glitter definitely has you covered.

This awesome look provides a perfect combination of some of the most significant Christmas nail trends. With a composition of texture and shine, metallic and French tips, you’ll be able to nail the chic and trendy look at the same time.  

The trend provides a greater degree of boldness and versatility, and it will definitely complement any ensemble perfectly. 

If you’ll like for your nails to steal the show, then this here is the trend for you.

Gold Storm

With this gold flakes manicure, the snow won’t be on or list of worries this Christmas season for sure. Simple, yet incredibly chic, this delicate nail trend resets the most perfect holidays passe-partout. The look goes from Christmas Eve party to morning of steak and egg nog breakfast without breaking a single sweat. 

Party Metallics

Party Metallics, Christmas Nails, Christmas Nail Designs

If you’re more of a tradition kind of person, then simply give your Christmas a little bit of spice by opting for a glossy, shiny, metallic, sparkly red mani.

Festive French

If you’re in the market for a choice that conforms to the classics, then this is one that you should definitely go for. It’s beautiful, properly-themed, and ready to be rocked during the holidays. 

If there’s anything that this version has, it is the fact that it’s in no way boring. This deep glossy red is a perfect w ay for you to spread thee joy and spirit of the Christmas period, and you can easily ask for a proper sharding beginning from the base of the nail if you want a more contemporary look and you’re not getting your nails done at the salon. 

Classy, original and highly conservative, this here is the perfect subtle touch for those who will like to keep things fancy and simple.

So what are you waiting for? 

Grab the phone and make that nail appointment right away because just like hair salons, nails salons are almost impossible to make an appointment with one the month of December rolls by (well, unless you booked  the appointment like tree  years before).

Too late to make the appointment? Well, start practicing these Christmas nail trends bb yourself. You’ll get it eventually.