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Cute Nail Designs You Will Love

The best method of expressing yourself is by using nail designs which could also match your dressing. Various stunning and exciting nail trends are featured by All Nail Art for different purposes or just for the freak of it. Even if you’re running late for an occasion, we got you covered and will ensure you get a mind blowing Nail Design. Preview our various beautiful nail designs that will give you that Queen look and feeling.

1. Beachy Summer Nail Design

Cute Nail Designs

The nail design really fits people heading on holidays or beach trips. This design is the opposite of the usual beachy nail design because it use darker colors while the usual beachy designs uses brighter pastel colors. You can get some additional sparkle using the gold glitter gloss. It also makes the design look sandy. An excellent accent to this dark blue gloss is the small starfish.

2. Muted Red Nail Design

Muted Red Nail Design

One stunning color to utilize on nail designs is Red, but making use of a muted red can be subtle. However, it still looks flirty. Looking for a special design for a date or maybe an engagement party/Bridal shower, this nail design will definitely give you a sophisticated and sassy look.

3. Floral Blue Nail Design

Floral Blue Nail Design

You should try this one if you are in search of a more subtle nail design. Add flowers art in your nails after offsetting it with a pale blue underlay. You could also add little embellishment to the nails to look more arranged if you’re feeling fancy.

4. Purple Ombre Nail

Purple Ombre Nails

In 2016, one of the most amazing nail designs was the ombre design. This design transforms from blue to purple instead of utilizing a pastel shade. This nail design will look good during the fall or winter and also during Halloween, If you need a design that is more subtle.

5. Winter Nail Design

Winter Nail Design

This nail design look beautiful during the winter and it’s not too early to begin your plans for winter. It uses the Silva and white feature, which are amazing winter colors and you could also insert a small polar bear. This will give it a more exciting feel.

6. Rainbow Nail Design

Rainbow Nail Design

Stop thinking about subtle and go get this nail design. It is not something new to mix rainbow and glitters, but this design mixes the two trends excellently. The design takes us back to the 90’s fashion like Lisa Frank.

7. Black Nail Design

Black Nail Design

Nail Design Ideas: Normally, black nail designs are quite dreary, but this stereotype is completely turned with this nail design. Light and dark are excellently combined as two nails are deigned with white underlay and carved out black hearts. The outstanding feature of this nail will definitely get the crowd’s attention.

8. Galaxy Nail Design

Galaxy Nail Design

This year, Galaxy trend has reached far and wide and you wouldn’t want your nails to be left behind. Making use of various pastel colors will bring out the desired design and the white lining at the bottom of your nail will act as an excellent complement.

9. Polka Dots Nail Design

Polka Dots Nail Design

Polka dots has been trending back to back, so you will definitely find this design always lovely. However, their application is entirely different here. Designing polka dots on top the pink underlay gives it an outstanding feel particularly against the solid glitter nails. This design will look amazing during the winter.

10. Minimalist Nail Design

This nail design proves that less is more. One of the most unused colors for nail designs is the beige/tan, but this color can be manipulated in various ways. You will look trendier if you add the red-gold colors, and it also gives it a good sheen.

11. Marble Nail Design

Marble Nail Design

This nail design offers something completely outstanding. It gives this smoky look on your nails, and it looks effortless, but it actually takes a bit of effort. You can manipulate this nail design to any color you desire or for that special occasion or to go with a particular outfit.

12. Classic and Simple Nail Design

You should try out these nail designs if you desire something simple. The only different thing you have to do is to design one of your nails with glitter gloss and design the rest with a simple pattern. Without wasting your time, this nail will give you that Queen feel. It is also nice for causal, as well as formal situations. You may need nail polish removers to get rid of these designs. Take a look at these 10 great Nail polish removers right here.