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Different Nail Shapes Trends – 8 Popular Nail Shapes

Here, I’m offering all you the necessities to pull of the most unique nail shapes, with options ranging from a basic shape, round or square, or a top look, like a stiletto or coffin tip.

nail shapes

8 Different Nail Shapes Trends That you Must Try

  1. Coffin Nail
  2. Stiletto Nail
  3. Square Nails
  4. Oval Nails
  5. Almond Nail
  6. Ballerina Nails
  7. Round Nails
  8. Squoval Nail
different nail shapes

You can file nails into different shapes.

1. Coffin Nail Shape

Artist: @daniartnails

The coffin shape is now insta-famous due to its celebrities such as Kylie and Khloe, Ariel Winter, and Halsey (to mention a few). It’s the modern stiletto. In respect to the nail shape, because it has this coffin resemblance, it needs strong trimmed sides with an aligned edge at the peak.

This shape requires extensive maintenance and length (the option for using natural nails is not possible here, unless you are extremely blessed with nail length).

2. Stiletto Nail Shape

Stiletto Nail Shape, different nail shapes
Artist: @daniartnails

Labeled after some sky-high heels, this nail shape has a strong impression, it’s dramatic as well as maintenance high. It requires committing to extensions (and probably call for help when you are about opening a diet coke) because these nail shapes requires really thin sides that assist in generating the signature sharp center and making it long.

It’s impossible to keep a natural stiletto nail shape, since they will all break very easily. Therefore you have to install an enhancement to make it stronger. also i advise you in purchasing gel overlay to boost its length. I prefer using gel most of the time, since this nail shape is made to be more beautiful, and acrylics will make it too thick.

 3. Square Nails

Artist: @daniartnails

This nail shape is one of the simplest to accomplish, all you have to do to accomplish this task is to easily file side to side along your nail top. But don’t think for a minute that it is a easy shape to maintain. The corners get rough now and then, so continues filing to keep them smooth would be needed.

Ensure the file is perpendicular to the nail when you are about to file the nail sides, and also avoid using too much pressure on it, if not the nail will take on a concave U-shaped at the same time trying to remain straight and also boxy.

Either the natural or artificial nail devotees can put on this look, it seems to be perfect on people with long and cramped nail beds.

4. Oval Nails Shape

Artist: @daniartnails

The oval nail shape is hard to accomplish, since the easily lessened shape can simply swerve into almond if you either file the nail not enough or too much. File carefully- to accomplish this shape takes patience.

Do you possess short nails? If you do not put gel layers or acrylics, this nail shape won’t be obtained. If you can turn your hand that your palm faces upwards and could still see your nails, In that case you can certainly generate this nail shape.

5. Almond Nail Design

This nail shape is the oval nails (which consists of its more intense brother with just closely lessened sides). It is really prestigious and its name is derived from the almond because the full nail resembles an almond, which is longer with a circular base.

It works perfectly on either average or long nails, due its supreme look, the nails need to be long

6. Ballerina Nails

Ballerina Nails, Different Nail Shapes
Artist: @krishna__j

Think of this shape as stiletto’s cousin with softer edges. The peak of a ballerina’s Pointe shoes (with slightly-convex sides an also a straight end) is where this nail shape acquired this name. To look this pretty, you must arrange your nails in an oval shape, and then you should square off the thin tip.

Unless you possess really strong natural nails, you will need to apply gel overlays to strengthen your nails tip and keep them from breaking.

7. Round Nails

Nails By Cambriana

This is quite a tender natural look that is with ease maintained even when you break the nail, you could give up a little length and it will still look perfect. If you have problems keeping your nails long, then this is the best fit for you.

You should just try and follow the curves on your cuticle, to make it look different from its cousins, the oval shape. You could use a nail file to and fro to create a gentle arc.

It is perfect for short nails that have just slightly exceeded your fingertips,”

8. Squoval Nail Design

Artist: @daniartnails

This is my best option because anybody can rock them – ranging from short, to long and medium nails- additionally; it’s new and soft. What’s the catch? It’s quite simple to mess it up.

Most nail technicians make this mistake filing the nail straight all the way to the tip, then rounding corners, and it actually is square, having rounded edged, not completely oval. But the easy way of getting this nail shape is by generating a soft half-moon at the peak of your nail tips,  then joining the sides to have it naturally lessened.

It’ll look cute on any length of nail!