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21 Reasons You Should Get a Gel Manicure

Gel manicures are one of the most emerging nail design art trends available today, with the ability to make every woman’s nails pop beautifully.

Gel Manicure is One of the Modern Beauty Mainstay

Here, we run down some reasons why you should consider these.

Gel Manicure Last for Weeks

gel nails Manicure

Among all of the reasons why you should love gel nails, this will have to be the favorite and most prominent. A regular gel manicure is capable of lasting much longer than the usual manicure, which easily chips after just a few days.

Gel Manicure is Economical

white and gold gel nail designs

Their long-lasting nature means that these manicures are able to save you a lot of money. They last long and still look good; you can’t beat that

There’s really nothing like having a few days of peace when it comes to chip-free nails

They’re Awesome for People Who are Really Busy

yellow gel nail manicure

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t have the time to go to the nail salon often, the gel manicures will definitely provide a proper way of fixing your nails. The fact that they last long means that you will be able to have lovely nails, while reducing or trips to the salon. You can attend to your busy schedule while looking fabulous nonetheless

Gel Manicure is Great for Vacations

Pink Gel Manicure is Great for Vacations

If you’re vacationing to a new place where you don’t know anyone, the gel nails will also help you to look fabulous, while reducing the need to go to the nail salon so many times.

Gel Nails don’t Harm Your Nails

Gel Nails don’t Harm Your Nails

A lot of nail polish materials tend to damage your nail beds, as their manufacturing processes involve dangerous chemicals. However, gels are much healthier

Gel Manicure are Good for Heath Enthusiasts

Purple Gel Nail Art design

If you’re the type of woman who has a lot of time to pay attention to her health but who still desires to look good, the fact that gel nails provide a perfect combination of both worlds will definitely attract you.

They’re Eco-Friendly Gel Nails

Luxury Purple Gel Manicure

If you’re concerned about the effects of nail products and their chemicals on the environment, then you’ll be glad to know that gel manicures are actually eco-friendly.

Gel Polish Chemicals Won’t Disrupt our Health

Gel Polish Chemicals Won’t Disrupt our Health, Nude gel manicure, nude gel nails

Rest assured that the chemicals involved in making these gel nail polishes won’t do anything to affect your ability to breathe or hinder your well-being.

Gel Polish Dry Faster

Gel Polish Dry Faster

Another benefit for the ever-busy lady. With gel manicures, your nails will dry much faster, and you’ll be able to easily get back to doing what you love.

They’re Less likely to Smudge

Pink Cat Nail Art Design

One of the many reasons why people have nail polish is the act that you need to wait for the drying. If you leave too soon, you get smudge.

However, gel nails are much more convenient as they dry easily. The wait time is much lower, as they dry with a LED light

The High-Gloss Finish of Gel

Pink Flamingo Nail Art Design

The finish of a gel manicure is one of the reasons why you notice that you always get complemented whenever you put it on.

The Shiny Factor Can’t be Gotten Anywhere

Orange Flower Nail Art Design

Another major benefit of the glossy finish is the fact that gel nails look shinier than other nail design art trends. So, if you need your nails to really people, gel manicures are definitely what you should get.

Gel Manicure Look is Completely Natural

Light Blue Nail Gel Art Design

If you ever worry that gel manicures will make your nails look fake, then stop worrying immediately. Acrylics might have an artificial look to them, but gel nails look completely natural

They Can Act as Extensions of Your Nails

Red Gel Nail Polish Designs

If you’re going for a type of look where you don’t want people to spot the fact that you’re putting on artificial nails, you can rest assured that gel manicures are the right way to go.

Gel Manicure Can be Removed Without Stress

Green Nail Art designs

While gel manicures definitely look great, you’ll be glad to know that the entire removal process is also a breeze. A gel nail polish remover will get hem of easily and without any stress.

You can Replace the Gel Nails

Pink Nail Gel Art

The fact that gel nails remove easily and get dried off within a flash means that you won’t need to waste any time between changing from one gel manicure to another. Get one off, dry the nails, put another gel manicure, and wait for just a few moments before it dries and you’re ready to go.

Do Your Own Gel Nails at Home

Do Your Own Gel Nails at Home

To get gel manicures, you don’t even need to make the trip to the salon. As long as you have a gel manicure kit like the (Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel Starter Kit) then you will be able to have them done from the comfort of your own home.

The Chance to Hone Your Skills

Nail Art designs, Gel Polish

If you’re the kind of person who wants to actually learn how to apply your own manicures, gels definitely provide you with the right opportunity to do so. As opposed to having to go to the salon, you can order a gel manicure kit, a kit comes with everything that you will need to get your nails fixed by yourself, and while you might make mistakes at the beginning, proper practice will help you to hone your skills perfectly.

Gel Manicure is Incredibly Fashionable

Red Fashionable short nail designs

It doesn’t matter what event you’re going to. As long as you need to achieve that classy and beautiful look, the gel manicures will work wonders for you.

They’re flexible

pink gel mani

What’s the design that you have in your mind?

Thanks to the versatility of gel manicures, you can help to improve your creativity and let your imaginations take over as you design.

Even the Simple Ones Look Stunning

simple red gel manicures

A lot of nail design art trends depend on the complexity of their design to work effectively.

Well, not gel manicures

These nails show that there is truly beauty in simplicity