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Gel Nail Designs: 15 Prettiest Design Ideas

Gel nails are definitely one of the most awesome and in-demand nail styles right now, and they are especially adored for their level of beauty and simplicity, while also being able to fit in with basically any kind of outfit.

Here are the prettiest gel nail designs out there:

The Half Moon

The Half Moon Nails

Does anyone else eel a lunar phenomenon about to happen? Well, here’s one moon-associated event that will definitely get heads tuning wherever you go.

Now, make no mistake; getting this gel nail tend done on your fingers isn’t a particularly easy idea. However, if you are able to pull it off, you’ll be happy that you did. It looks cute, isn’t too loud, and is able to actually fit the shape of your fingers.

A Spark or Purple Nails

Purple has always been known to be one of the most beautiful colors. Known for royalty and a sense of distinction you can actually take your love of this color and apply it to you nails as well.

Regardless of the style that you might have as an idea, it really doesn’t matter. Let your nails o the talking or you by purring on a stunning display of purple that will keep you looking proper.

A Dash of Glitter Paper for That Additional Bling

classic acrylic nails shape
Nails by @daniartnails

Admittedly not a look that will for everyone, there’s no doubt to the general appeal of this look right here. One of the most alluring things about this gel nail design is the fact that it is basically simple and can be done by anyone.

However, a caveat to it is that you need to ensure that you don’t overdo it… especially with the glitter paper. Adding glitter to one or two fingers is enough. If you decide to go overboard, you’ll end up dragging way too much attention to your nails. You don’t want that.

Roses on That Special One

Roses on That Special One nail coffin
Nails by @daniartnails
Of course, this is another gel nail design that relies on the prioritization of one over the others. Also, the simplicity of this trend will make a lot of people fall in love with it as well.

Essentially, all you need to do is put on a simple (and not too loud) shade for your fingers, have them polished, the splurge out one of them and add a few rose artworks.

If you’re feeling extra artsy, you can how in some metallic embellishments too.

Equal Shine

Shine Nail acrylic coffin shape
Nails by @daniartnails

If you’ll like for each and every one of your nails to draw attention equally, then this is one gel nail design that will pretty much work for you.

Work more on the upper parts of your nails and keep only a little percentage polished. Then separate the polished part from the unpolished one with a nice layer of glitter. Creating a degraded effect.

Simple, yet effective.

A Touch of Metallics

Metallics nails desings and pointy shape
Nails by @daniartnails

Well, why not?

Metallics have always been a major aspect of gel nail designs, and they will definitely make for a beautiful addition right here as well. Among other things, a major advantage off metallic is that is really doesn’t matter what color the nails are.

The Carnival Style

Carnival Style Nails Pointy shape
Nails by @daniartnails

Show a little bit of your hipster party animal and let this gel nail design do the work for you.

The allure in this nail trend is that although it looks unpredictable and is pretty much a break from the norm, it provides a sense of order that you really can’t explain.

have fun with your nails from time to time.

Now, of course, this isn’t something that can be work to serious settings like offices.  Still, there’s nothing that says you can’t have fun with your nails from time to time.

An Array of Colors to Brighten Your Day

Colors to Brighten coffin nails shape
Nails by @daniartnails

There is a lot of untidiness to this particular nail tend, but it is also a perfect opportunity for you to channel your creativity, and it is definitely a welcome one. Feel free to try on an assortment of colors and see just how they work for you.

Glistening Red for Valentines’

Glistening Red for Valentines’ Nails
Nails by @daniartnails

Is there real any color that embodies the season of love like red?

Well, here’s an answer for that; absolutely not! 

With this absolutely stunning gel nail design, you get to show the world just how badly you’ve been hit by cupid. I might see a little bit too much for some people, but considering the fact that it is indicative off the season of love, you’re definite allowed to go a little overboard with the design.

So, go nuts!

Layers and Shades Nail Accent

Shades Nail Square shape
Nails by @daniartnails

This gel nail art is definitely one of the most difficult ones to pull off, but it is definitely worth it.

To work with this you’ll need to do a lot of work with gradients. Blend the two colors of your nails properly (of course, they’ll need to be a proper match or the design to work as effectively as possible). From there add a little bit of glitter to mark distinction lines and throw in a nice polishing job to buff the nails and make them shine!

Royal Blue Coffin Nail

Royal Blue Nails Coffin Shape
Nails by @daniartnails

Show off the royalty that’s in you with this alternative gel nail design that is sure to have heads spinning. Admittedly, this design actually works better on those with slightly longer nails as it provides an avenue for them to properly decorate the top half of the nails.

However, if you’ve got a short set of tips as well, there’s nothing wrong with rocking this design.

A Simple Blend Job

ombre pinck nails coffin shape

Everyone loves simplicity when it comes to gel nail designs and that is exactly what you will be able to portray with this one. Whatever color you choose, simply make sure that you are able to blend it with a nude hue at the bottom of the nail as well.

Let the Art Talk


Well, there really isn’t anything else that needs to be said when it comes to this trend here. Apart from the fact that it also something that is best suited for social and non-official settings, its expressive nature something that will endear a lot of people to it.

Hybrids Nails

ombre nails hybrids
Nails by @daniartnails

If you notice, this gel nail design incorporates a lot of the components spoken about in earlier designs. However, while it does look pretty, a lot off its beauty depends on the color you decide to blend with the nude hue. Make sure it’s something with a little bit of a dark tone, and not a color that is overly bright.

Color Assortments

short pretty nails square shape
Nails by @daniartnails

There’s never something wrong with trying various colors on our nail and seeing how it ends up looking. However, in order to ensure constancy with the designs and a perfect finish, it is definitely recommended that you get this job done by a nail professional.