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2019: Nail Designs You’re About to See Everywhere

nail designs 2019

The world of nail art designs is definitely a very dynamic one. Essentially, this means that inasmuch as you can always stick to what you prefer, there is always going to be a set of nail art design trends that are ready to dazzle nail enthusiasts. 

Nail Designs 2019 Trends

Nail Designs 2019 Trends
Nail Designs 2019 Trends

Well, as 2019 gets off to a wonderful start, we take a look at some of the nail designs 2019 trends that are sure to be getting a lot of traction.

Gel Nail Designs 2019

Gel Nail Designs 2019

Well, now that you’re an adult fashionista and you have the means, you might want to get this sexy gold glitter and minimal gel nail designs 2019 trend for real.  You can get a simple manicure and with the help of a few accents you can infuse a lot of life into it. Stickers, rhinestones and others will definitely be perfect for this little experiment. There is no doubt to the fact that you’ll definitely be amazed at just how much fun you can have with them.

Short Gel Nail Designs 2019

Short gel Nail Designs
Short gel nail designs

Animal Prints Nail Designs

Nail Designs 2019, Animal Prints Nail Designs

Animal prints have taken the entire fashion world by storm. Too b honest, there really is no way that you can doubt that. From fur jackets and croc effect bags to leather shoes and a mixture of snake skin boots and tight pants, you can just as well find animal prints everywhere. Still, a lot of pole seem to have refrained from extending this trend to the nails. Well, you might want to prepare yourself for a change when the 2019 nail season kicks into full swing.

Leopard Print Nail Designs 2019 Idea

If you’ll be willing to get in on this nail designs 2019 trend, then you might want to star with zebra stripes, cheetah spots, Dalmatian prints and so much more.

Nail Designs 2019 Pink

These beautiful nails design ideas are perfect for any women who wants to do their nails in an elegant way, pink nail designs are perfect for any special occasion.

Negative-Space Nail Designs Ideas 2019

Nails by @kosmietycanahedonistka

Negative-space manicures have actually been one of the major nail design art choices for a lot of people in the past few year, as they have thrilled people all over the world with their innovation and beauty. However while this trend is set to continue dominating the  nail art design scene in 2019, this year might see it take things up a notch a little bit. As opposed to just going through the traditional route (including but not limited to tips or moons that aren’t painted), you can also choose to experiment with dimension and placement by blocking off diagonal and thick stripes across each and every one of your nails.

As opposed to just going through the traditional route (including but not limited to tips or moons that aren’t painted), you can also choose to experiment with dimension and placement by blocking off diagonal and thick stripes across each and every one of your nails. 

Marble Nail Design 2019

Water Marble Nail Designs 2019
purple marble nail design 2019
marble nails designs 2019

Ok, come on already. If anyone is still trying to feed you lies that you can settle for a single nail designs 2019 trend , then you might want to get the person checked because they obviously don’t know what they’re talking about.

The era of single nail design art trends has definitely blown past us, thank God. This is 2019, and all forms of creativity are encouraged; including and especially amalgamations. 

This year, feel free to can mix things up by making changes to the prints, shades and the textures that you have on each of your nails. However, while you’re letting your creativity get the better of you, it is also important for you to remember that you should always try your possible best to stick to hues that tend to be of the very same category. Use hues that are related in some way or the other (like white and grey). This way, you will have no trouble with keeping your nail looking intentional, as opposed to getting a chaotic outlook nail designs 2019 trend.

Press-On Textures Nail Designs

Press-On Textures Nail Designs

Feel free to make peace with the fact that nail art designs will never ever go out of style. However, a the new year has begun, you will actually have the opportunity to recreate some you’re your favorite looks, thus spending even less at the salon. 

The Glow of the 90s

Nail Designs 2019, The Glow of the 90s

If there is one thing that was really prominent in the fashion scene of 2018 it was a resurgence in the 90s fashion sense. A lot of people paid homage to some of the most innovative and daring fashion takes that ruled the 90s, and it is expected that this craze will be extended to the nail art design scene as well. 

To wit, if you are a type of person who is head over heels in love with the “all things 90s” vibe, then you will be more than glad to know that this trend is expected to go really strong this year. Glittery manicures that draw their inspiration from one of the most intuitive decades in the history of fashion will definitely be everywhere in 2019

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