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25 Must-Try Nail Design Ideas

Nail ideas and trends to let your inner fashionista rejoice. If you’re into fashion, you’ll know that there’s a lot of ways you can style your nails to make them look fabulous.

In this piece, we’ll be looking at some of the top nail design trends that will keep your nails looking hot.

Red Negative-Space

Red Negative-Space oval

For a perfect amalgamation of colors that will keep your nails looking like something from a movie, this one trend is something that you should really get. It is incredibly easy to implement, and you won’t have to stress yourself to keep them looking nice. They also look good on both long and short nails.

Talk about an added advantage.

Gold Foil Nails Ideas

Whoever knew that the combination of gold and pink nude nails is an awesome one?

Apparently, it is. This is one of the best nail ideas for the summer, and it will keep you glowing in the sun for sure.

Nature – Yellow Nails

Nature - Yellow Nails

Let the inner lover of nature in you find expression with tis awesome nail design trend. While it will most likely depend more on your ability to get little nail stickers than actual nail painting, you can definitely still work with this rend to get something that looks nice.

Spring Manicure Idea

Just as it is with a lot of nail ideas for 2019, this one here was selected for three things; the fact that it can easily be implemented and it still looks so damn good. You just need two nail polish colors and the ability to work effectively with curves and you’re just as done.

Winter Watercolor Black Nails

Admittedly, this nail design trend is a little bit difficult to implement because it depends on a little bit of artistic skill. However, if you’re able to pull it off, you’ll see that it definitely works well.

Hence, it makes one of the top nail ideas for winter.

The Dotted Minimalist Mani 

The Dotted Minimalist Round Mani

If you’re a fan of saying more with less, then this lovely design idea will be up your alley. Apart from being incredibly simple, you can easily see the appeal that this trend has. It’s colorful and aesthetically pleasing as you get to add various colors together to form something beautiful.

Black and White Design Idea

Black and White Round Square Design

Although minimalist and leaving most of your nails bare, this remains one of the top acrylic nail ideas for this year without a doubt. It plays on the beauty of the two most natural colors in the world; black and white, and it also allows for the beauty of your natural nails to come through.

Studded and Jeweled Nail Ideas

Studded and Jeweled pointy manicure
Artist: @daniartnails

This is another nail design trend that is a tad more difficult to implement, although that difficulty doesn’t take away from its allure at all. It pays on a little bit of jewelry on the nails, and it is the kind of nail design that you put on when you’ll like for your nails to have a little bit of spark in them.

Sketched Roses Nails

Sketched Roses Nails

Are you an artist? Will you like for your artistic ability and acumen to show forth in your nails? Then this is exactly what you should be sporting.

Drawn with black and a lovely minimalist design these roses will add a sense of uncommon allure to your nails. 

Negative, Black Nails

Negative, Black nails

Negative nail designs are definitely all the rage right now. Looking at them, it really isn’t difficult for you to see why. These black nails look stunning, and you will have no difficulties in pulling the nail design trend off at all.

Lines Nail Ideas

black Lines Nails

Did you know that you can look just as styling and fabulous with nothing but lines?

Well, with this trend here, you can now achieve that. It is one of the most stunning Christmas nail ideas out there, and you’ll find that looking like a rock star is just as effortless as it is convenient.

A Grid Design Black & White

A Grid Design Black & White nails

The only issue that you might have with this nail trend is the fact that it isn’t as convenient  as a lot of other nail design ideas that you might see however,  that doesn’t go to say that it doesn’t look good  as  well.

Color-Stacked Nail Ideas Coffin 

If you’re a fan of mixing fitted colors in such a way that your nails look awesome this summer, then you will definitely be a fan of this trend right here. However, just as it is with a lot of nail design trends, keep in mind that the allure of this depends on how well the colors look together.

Dry Brush Bails with Gilded Nail Designs

Dry Brush Bails with Gilded Designs

This is more of a random fit, but you will find that the design works just as well for nails. The truth is that the best color for this for kind nail design is gold (or something a little bit sparky). However, if you’re into other colors and you’ll like to experiment with your look, then feel free.

The Heart Nail Idea

The Wired Heart nails

Just as its name goes, you’ll need a thin nail art brush to draw hearts on your nails to pull this off. Also, one advantage of this is the fact that it gives you options regarding how many nails you want to put the design on. If you’re not in the mood to have all your nails designed, you can opt for one or two, while leaving the rest properly tainted with any color polish.

Pink Chrome Nail Ideas 2019

Pink Chrome French Manicure

If you’re in the market for something that’s bold and futuristic, then this is definitely the nail trend for you. Plus, with a uniform color, it easily blends into a simple ensemble.

Fiery Crimson Nail Idea

Fiery Crimson nails

Show your most audacious side with this nail design trend. It is easy to pull off, and it makes any set of acrylic nails look fabulous.

Cheeky Accents Nails

Cheeky Accents nails

If you’re the type of person to have a lot of fun with your nails, then you will definitely come to love this nail design trend. It’s easy to pull off as well, and it provides for additional creativity

Press-On Textures Nails

bling coffin nails

This nail design trend ideally requires a little bit of assistance. However the extra effort put into getting it done will definitely feel worth it.

Girly French Nude Nails

Girly Nude nails

Feeling that feminine side of yourself? Well, this is something that can add a little more accentuation to that. This trend provides an unparalleled level of elegance

Rose Gold Shimmer Nails

Rose Gold Shimmer nails

Rose Gold is the color of summer, and that’s why this nail art trend works so well in the middle of the year. However, that isn’t to say that you can’t pull it off at other seasons as well.

Artsy Paint Stokes Nail Art

Artsy Paint Stokes nails

Sometimes, the best nail ideas design can be nothing but a few strokes on your nails. This trend prove that point perfectly.

Crystal Studs Nails

Crystal Studs nails

Jewellery can be applied to any part of the body to look amazing. Why not throw them into the nail mix?

The Reverse French Nails

This is actually a bit of a play on the classic French tip. Still, it looks just as beautiful.

The Message Nail Art Idea

The Message Nail Art

If you’ll like a way for our nails to communicate your feelings this Valentine’s period, then this is something you should go for.