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Gorgeous Square Nail Ideas and Tips on How to Rock Them

Square nails are awesome all year round. In case you want to see what these will look like on your fingers, here are some square nail options for you. 

Mermaid Square Nails

Mermaid Square Nails
Nails by @nailsantowel

Say what you will, but the summer period is almost upon us. To get prepared for it, this nail design art trend is definitely awesome for you. The color combination is lovely, and it provides a variety for you to choose from.

Nude Square Nails with Glitter Polish

Nude with Glitter Accents
Nails by @tonysnails

On their own, nude coffin nails look amazing. Adding some glitter polish will definitely only help to improve the look. You get something that looks so simple, and which is also delicate and elegant at the same time!

Gold and Aquamarine Square Shape

Gold and Aquamarine Square Shape
Nails by @nailsbyjen05

At first glance, you might believe that this combination of colors doesn’t fit into the right profile. However, with the skills of an awesome nail artist, you’ll find that thy actually mix well. The combination is easy on the eyes and you’ll have anyone falling or you nails with this square nails mix.

Black and White Square Shape

Black and White short nails
Nails by @tonysnails

Remember the phrase “You can’t beat the classics?” well, it definitely applies with this trend right here. The classic black and white looks awesome when applied on square coffin nails, and you can be rest assured that this nail design art trend will go with just about any ensemble you decide to pair it with. Now, that’s versatility.

Pink and Short Round Square Shape

Pink and Short round mani

Simplicity has always shown itself to contain a sort of beauty, and that fact is no more true than is exhibited with this nail art trend right here. If you’re the kind of person who prefer something simple, or you have to attend an event when over-the-top nail art might not be the right option, then you can simply apply short square nails with a pink hue.

Marble Square Nails

square Marble Nails

Some might believe that marble nails aren’t square nails but they generally fall under the category. Marble nails give a certain glossy effect to your nails, and this especially makes teem awesome for the summer season (the rays of the sun get to reflect on them for that extra shine). They’re also simple, so you get to win on two fronts with this one.

Square Nails and French Tips

Square Nails and French

With this nail trend, you get to combine two of the most alluring fixtures in the nail book; square nails and French tips.

The combination of these can only be magic. Is there anything else to be said?

Black and Nude Short Square Mani

nude and black square nails

As always, the advantage of nude nail as always been the kind of simplicity that they provide. However, nude nails are also an awesome fit for women who will like a little bit of a background to throw on some awesome (and simple!) short nails design.

If you’ll lie to combine nude nails with a design of your own, then feel free to explore this trend

Water Drops Acrylic Square Nails

Art Paint Coffin Nails

Give the cultural aficionado in you a little bit of expression with this nail design art trend. The nail art culture is one known for some eccentric designs and you can just as well bring those designs to your own acrylic nails.

Blue Aqua Nail design

Blue Aqua short Mani

Get yourself a set of nails that will make every sea creature proud of you!

4th of July Art Square Nails

4th of July Nails square
Nails by @banicured_

We all should be patriotic, and there’s nothing that says your nails shouldn’t be as well. For the celebration of independence, you can as well get your nails painted in this way.

Hand-Painted Square Shape Mani

nude Square Nails

Of course, the kind of success that you experience with rocking a nail art trend of this nature will depend on the skills of the painter. However with a good person handling the brush, you’re sure to get something awesome

Cat Eye Effect Square Nails

Cat Eye short square nails

Dark-colored nails work too. If anything, this nail design art trend proves that beyond a shadow of doubt. You can add some jewels or glitter and make the nails pop as well.

White Square Nails

White Square Nails
Nails by @grapefizznails

If you’ve ever come across someone with simple, white nails, you’ve most probably admired the beauty of the nails. Well, here’s your chance to get something similar.

You can also add some other colors for additional detail if you want.

Berry Color Square Nails

berry short nails
Nails by @suellen_cristinas

These nails look like something out of a Disney fairy-tale. Need I say more?

Black and Violet Square Shape

Black and Violet manicure

When it comes to square nails, one of the most important factors is your ability to combine colors. That is exactly why this ail design art trend is sod ear to many. Black and violet work every single time, including on square nails as well.

Yellow for the Summer Square Nails

yellow summer short nails

Getting ready for the summer early this year?

Well, let your style be accentuated by this lovely nail manicure. It’s easy to implement, and you won’t have to do much work to get it done.

Love-Shaped Nudes Nails

Love Shaped Nudes square

Valentine’s Day might be gone, but you can still show the love in your heart with this one.

Multicolored Hue Square Nail Design

Multicolored Hue short square nails
Nails by @melinenailart

When it comes to colors, there are times when much becomes better. With the right skills behind the brush, you can pull off this stunning look as well.

Gold and Shiny Square Nails

Gold and Shiny short art square design

On its own, gold is an incredibly sparkly color. Combining it with more glitter will quite literally make you shine!

Nude, Black and White Square Shape

Nude, Black and White manicure

This is one of the most difficult nail design art trends to come by, but it is definitely worth the work

Square Ombre Nails

square Ombre Design mani

This is a kind of combination that you definitely don’t see on a regular basis. Still, you can’t deny the fact that it looks amazing

Long Square Acrylic Nails  

Long Square Acrylic Nails

As far as combinations go, these long square nails are definitely one of the best, gives you that confidence

Square Nail Ideas and Tips for Fashonistas